Start-up Judo Capital Raises $140M

August 1, 2018
James Eyers, AFR


In this article James Eyers explains how Judo expects to be granted its full banking licence in December and talks to Joseph Healy about Judo being “well on its way” to reaching the target $100 million loans. During his conversation with Joseph, James discusses the initial investors in Judo which include Ironbridge Capital, Canadian pension fund manager, OPTrust and Myer Family Investments as well as more recently Abu Dhabi Capital Group, Zhong Yi Investment and Credit Suisse Asset Management, Esson and CH Warman Group.

James goes on to report how Judo has achieved the highest equity raising, pre-revenue, of any start up in recent Australian corporate history ($140M) and how Judo is opening an office in Sydney in September. The article is very clear about Judo’s purpose and aim with Joseph reiterating “Judo is not a Fintech “our purpose is to become the most trusted bank for SMEs in Australia”.

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